Tuesday, 11 December 2007

They may be introduced, but i think they're beautiful all the same!

Thanks all for inviting me to this great Blog.

I thought i'd first post some nice colourful pics.

Here's a few pictures of Mandarins i took on Sunday at Lightfoot green.


HampshireBirder said...

i still havent seen one of these this year even though i keep trying

Birdnut said...

Tom, if you are in the area Warnham Local Nature reserve in West Sussex is good for them. Its half way between us two so we could meet up in the hols and I'll show them to you

HampshireBirder said...

i wont see them still lol. the best place in hampshire by far is eyeworth pond where ever1 else sees them, but i dont. i do usually get lucky with the goosanders there though