Tuesday, 11 December 2007

I caught this camera shy stinker!

There are 2 White-breasted Nuthatches in the backyard here at work, and they are easier than heck to see through binoculars. But as soon as you raise that terrible thing they call a camera, they instantly disappear around the opposite side of the trunk/limb/branch/twig/leaf. They are impossible to tell apart, so I often treat them as one. Its camera-shy behavior combined with terrible photo-taking weather, has made me more persistent than ever to nab my little buddy. It's 3 degrees F windchill, and the sky is bright and cloudy, causing my eyes to water dreadfully. I followed the nuthatch with my camera as it skillfully swung from branch to branch like a little monkey. I was finally about to give up, when all of the sudden, it decided to land 10 feet away from me, in the dumped bird seed! I won this time, as you can see. As soon as it got its peanut, it quickly disappeared into the bare tree again, probably ashamed that it let itself be seen by "that terrible things they call a camera."

After this episode, I guessed it decided it might be safe to grab another peanut or two, and I was able to get a short video:

EDIT: I forgot to mention that: no, the nuthatch is not barking in the video. It is my "favorite" (sarcasm emphasized) neighbor dog, "Baxter." Baxter enjoys barking all day, every day, at the House Sparrows nearby. As you might expect, the House Sparrows simply ignore Baxter, resulting in a furious pup.


Birdnut said...

What a strange noise that dog is making! Great shots in the video and the pic Tim, good work.

Birdnut said...
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