Tuesday, 11 December 2007

London Wetlands Centre 9th December 2007

I went up to the London Wetlands Centre on Sunday. I got 43 species all together.
There were many Lapwings, Wildlfowl (including Wigeon) loads of Cormorants, Gulls etc. We watched one Cormorant struggle as it tried to get an absolutely huge carp-like fish down its throat.
Gulls were interesting with a Yellow-legged and a Caspian (I got a phone scoped video of the Caspian). The Caspian was my first confirmed and the Yellow-legged was my second with one at Dungeness the week before.
The highlight was the Bittern that someone eventually located in the reeds (an area of reeds we weren't expecting it to be in) and I got good veiws through the scope and a phone-scoped video (hopefully my videos will improve after Christmas because I am getting a powerful 40x optical zoom digital video camera!)
Enjoy (the Bittern shows better right at the end of the video):

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Zac Hinchcliffe said...

Wow! What a Casp! Fab bird, really characteristic

thanks for the add