Thursday, 20 December 2007

Garden birds

With the recent cold(ish) snap the garden has been absolutely inundated with birds for the first time in ages. Peak counts for today and last weekend (because it's too dark to see once I get home from school but today was the first day of the holidays):

6 Blue Tit
4 Great Tit
2 possibly 3 Coal Tit
2 Goldfinch
3 Greenfinch
1 Chaffinch female still
5 Jackdaws
2 Magpies
6 Blackbirds
2 Song Thrush
4 Dunnock
2 Robin
2 Collared Dove
4 Woodpigeon

I expect there's something I've forgotten as well. Here is a digiscoped photo. Expect DSLRs and videos in about a month lol.

1 comment:

On-firecrest said...

lovely jackdaw shot mate, better then any i have of them!