Friday, 28 December 2007

Grey Heron Carshalton Ponds 26th December 07

On the 27th I went to Carshalton Ponds to test the video camera out- I got 22 species which is pretty good for the site. Highlights were a brief Kingfisher, a couple of brief Goldcrests, great views of Grey Wagtail but best of all was a fantastic 1st Winter Grey Heron which showed down to about 5 feet! It even ate offerings of bread from passer bys. Lots of people stopped to see it and I was told about it several times by different people- I had to keep saying I knew and got some shots of it.
Of course I brought my D80 just in case too and got some pleasing shots. I got 200 photos in total but I am only posting a couple of my favourites (above-click for full sized images).


On-firecrest said...

nice photos mate, is there a reason why they look sharper on hear then they do on birdguides?

Birdnut said...

Thanks Steve,
THe landscape way one doesn't look sharper to me but the portrait one wasn't resized right so its bigger here- was too big for birdguides.

Happy new year all- will be interesting to see how the first few weeks of the year lists go- I always fall behind after month or two.