Saturday, 15 December 2007

Beddington SF

Hi all,
Phil and I popped over to Beddington today to try and see yesterday's Spoonbill, of course it was a one day job only staying an hour and flying off North-West, so it proved to be as untwitchable as most other Surrey Spoonbills. I have started to go to Beddington quite regularly now and am let in often. As usual there were loads of Gulls (no Glaucous because the tip wasn't working or something). it was quite active today with loads of passerines etc with more Tree Sparrows at the feeder than usual.
Kevin Guest took Phil and I quite deep into the Sewage works. In one of the little ditches there was a Green Sandpiper. Gulls included Common, Herring, Black-headed, probable 1st winter Yellow-legged and a Lesser/Great Black-backed which was big but had a smaller big and less white and steep tertials and pink legs; so it had things going for both there. There was also a very pale Herring Gull on the tip There was a Skylark with Linnets and Golfinches along one of the paths and a Little Egret flying there was also a Green Woodpecker in the usual place along the bank where there are loads of young Willows.

Here are some videos using the phone-scoping method again, which I am getting quite fond of.

Pale Herring Gull

Skylark (wait until the video has been running for 20 seconds then you can actually see it!)

Tree Sparrows

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