Sunday, 31 January 2010

My January Review

For me this month has been great, I’ve already seen 138 species. As well as that I saw a possible Pacific Diver on the 3rd but as yet it has not been confirmed so it’s not on my list. The first day of the month was basically spent recovering before the RSPB West Norfolk bird race on the 3rd However on the 1st I had arranged with a friend to do a pre run of the race. The day went well but are total was shit, recording just over 90 species the highlights of the day being Snow Goose, Red Kite and ‘Tundra’ Bean Goose. On the day of the official bird race we did much better by recording 101 species and coming first. The best of the bunch were pretty much the same as above other than Guillemot and Yellow-legged Gull. This was also the day were we saw the possible Pacific Diver. My next decent days bird came on the 10th were a friend and myself had a look at Saddlebow and Blackborough End tip where we saw 3 ‘redhead’ Smew, Caspian’s and also Yellow Legged Gulls. A trip down to the Brecks meant I was able to add Hawfinch to my life list and also Lesser Redpoll. An afternoon birding with some college friends (virgins to the birding lark) at Whitlingham CP proved quite exciting by adding another lifer to my list in the form of Red-necked Grebe also I saw a Ruddy Duck which I thought would be quite hard to see this year due to DEFRA. The weekend of the 23rd and the 24th was jam packed with birding. A motor up to Yorkshire on the Saturday meant that I was able to see a Black-throated Thrush and a species I’ve dipped many of times the Dipper. On the 24th a trip to Titchwell RSPB added to more ticks to my year list.

Let’s hope February will carry on the same way,

Happy birding,



Andrew Kinghorn said...

Sounds like you have had a good year so far. :)

Joseph Nichols said...

Hi Robert must say you've had a fab year. 138? Wow! 108 seems a whole league away lol. Can you please add Iceland Gull to my highlights this year and make embolden in (my best birds are always emboldened lol) please? For future highlights how can I inform you that I want to add them?

Thanks if you can tell me,

ATB Joseph

birdieboy in c4d said...

bloody hell mate pacific diver of Norfolk!!! I thought there were only those ones in Cornwall and Wales!!! brilliant bird to see, though I wouldn't fancy having to write a description for one!