Sunday, 31 January 2010

Goosanders at Painshill Park

There has been a report of 5 Goosander on the lake at Painshill Park (Surrey) for the last couple of days. When I had some spare time yesterday, I couldn't resist going for these beauties to see if I could get any shots of them.

On arrival I scanned the trees for Lesser Redpoll. Sadly nothing apart from a load of Siskin, Goldfinch and a Nuthatch. I made my way to the lake where the Goosanders had been seen and bingo, there they were! They were extremely flightly and very shy, flying right out to the far side of the lake on a number of occasions when spooked by passers by. However, I was able to get some reasonable shots of them with the new lens...

Group shot...

There was tention in the air, and now and then, the 4 males would chase each other if they got too close to or tried to chat up the 1 female...

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Happy birding!

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