Friday, 16 July 2010

Recent Shots from Suffolk

Just a few recent photos I've taken from a visit to Suffolk, which had me seeing Nightjar, Dartford Warbler, Bearded Tit and many more.

Patient waiting in a hide at Lackford Lakes SWT allowed me very good views of a Kingfisher, which perched and fished right in front of us!

At Minsmere, a family of Avocets had taken up residence in one the few pools that hadn't dried up on the wader scrape...

Sedge and Reed Warblers sang deep in the reedbeds, and occasionally one would pop up...

A bit of an odd looking female Chaffinch caught my eye...

Onto Blaxhall Common, and I had been given a tip off that Nightjars were in residence on a certain area of the common. Whilst waiting, a Dartford Warbler sang and briefly flitted past. The Nightjars called non stop till gone 11pm and even flew over my head on several occasions.

I got a video of a bird churring but it won't seem to upload on here. Its on my blog though.

The wooded clearing where the birds displayed...

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Hope everyone has a great summer!

Cheers, Bill

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Joseph Nichols said...

What a fantastic entry and day, mate! Well done. Hope to see more entries like this coming in.