Monday, 26 July 2010

How to view Year List Competition

Dear Young Birders,

You may have noticed that the way the Year Listing Competition is now being done has changed. This is so that the task of updating the results is easier for me and Joseph to update. Here is a list of why I made the changes:

• I can make the results look more appealing in terms of formatting.
• You can comment on the updates if you like (however please continue to send updates through the email address)
• Me and Joseph can edit the updates easily.

The post with the Year List Challenge can be accessed at any time by looking under the “YEAR LISTING COMPETITION 2010” which can be found down the right hand side of the blog. Under this section near the bottom there is a hyperlink to the page to show the Year Listing Competition (SEE IMAGE BELOW). As this page will be updated regularly you can see how everyone’s year list is looking.

New Year List updates post:


If the competition is carried on into next year then I will do the same but instead create a new post that will be 2011 updates,

Andrew & Joseph

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