Monday, 25 August 2008

A new Grebe and an old friend...

My original plan for today was to go to Sevenoaks WR but I decided Bough beech would be more productive and indeed it was. As soon as I got out my mums car a birder ( Graham) told me that a BLACK-NECKED GREBE was on the reservoir I immediately got onto it, and it showed for the whole day! What a great bird and lifer! Later on in the day I caught up with an old friend, namely an AVOCET which proceeded to fly around the south basin calling until it finally landed on North lake and fed for the rest of the day, My 3rd coastal self-found bird for Bough beech in just over a week! That brings my 2008 BOU list to 168 and my Bough beech list to 99 (ooh!) I only managed some crappy phone scoped videos of them which are on my blog.
I hope everyone's having a good summer!

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