Saturday, 16 May 2009

Crescent-chested Warbler!!

Hey guys, Chris here. 
I couldn't believe it when someone reported a Crescent-chested Warbler!! The location was literally up the road from where I'm staying here in Portal, Arizona.  I ran up to the spot the next morning, and nailed the bird!  This is an ABA code 4 bird with fewer than 10 records in the USA. One of those records was a breeding record so maybe this bird is expanding it's range. 
Anyway, it was a waay awesome bird to see. 

I'm here in Portal, Arizona as a bird guide until Sept, so I have plenty of time to nail everything here in the Chiricahua mountains. 

My year list is at 360 now (sorry guys, the USA just plain has more species).
Life list is up to 538.  

I'll update y'all from time to time. 
Anyway, have to run, have some clients this evening. 

Happy Birding! --Chris

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