Friday, 27 March 2009

Peregrines are Back

Hey all, Ben here,
My posts are going to become less and less frequent now I'm spending most weekends doing other things (girlfriends have to take priority over pastimes, you know - not that that's a bad thing!). I will post as soon I return from the Coto Donana to tell you of this year's escapades, but for now I have little to say. As I have already said, birdwatching opportunities have been thin on the ground lately, but I did manage a short trip to Bockhill last Saturday to check for early migrants. Alas, no Swallows, Blackcaps or early Whitethroats, but I did hear and see several Chiffchaffs and witness the return of our local peregrines. An escaped hybrid falcon known locally as 'The Thing' prevented them from breeding successfully last year, but maybe this year...?

I hope you all have a good Easter Holiday, and good luck with the birdwatching for the rest of you!


Chris W said...

So Ben, why isn't your girlfriend a birder too?
lol jk :D

Benjamin Young said...

Well, she's an RSPB member, and shares an interest in the hobby... so I'm quite lucky!
Cheers Chris ;)