Sunday, 9 November 2008

Bushy Park- Wigeon Wonder

My first upload to this blog!

I have had a very boring couple of weeks recently as I haven't really gone birdwatching anywhere, but it was a very nice surprise when I found an eclipse male Wigeon at Bushy Park today. Ok, not the rarest of birds (it is in Bushy Park) but it provided a great photo opportunity.

and a fluffed up Pigeon....
On a couple of last notes, I can't believe I came 2nd place in the bird race and thanks David for letting me become a site member :). Also, don't forget to visit my blog at
Billy D


Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Great 1st Post Billy! Great photo's too. Welcome to the blog.

David Campbell said...

Amazing photos and a fantastic first post. Keep it up. Congrats on coming second.

Billy Dykes said...

Cheers guys, I usually only get record shots of wigeons from hides but was really lucky this time! Billy

Benjamin Young said...

Hey Billy,
Great - another young birder!
Fantastic shots, it really is great to see some non-phone scoped images for a change!
I'll put a link to your blog on mine.

Billy Dykes said...

Cheers Ben, ill add you to my links list as well :)