Monday, 13 October 2008

Some recent pictures

Hey guys, Chris W here from Wisconsin in the USA.   I've posted some photos that I took last month while attending a field trip in Superior at the tip of Lake Superior. 

This Osprey provided great looks.

This Merlin posed just long enough for a picture.

Franklin's Ground Squirrel.
A rare species in Northern WI.

This Red-necked Phalarope provided spectacular views and photos.

This White-throated Sparrow posed for a classic picture. 

I'll post some more pics sometime, maybe this week.  I got some nice shots of a Jaeger (Skua to most of you) that you might like to see.  Til then, Happy Birding! 


Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Great photo's! I really should go birding in the USA sometime...Looks great!

Parus said...

Aye, the birding is great. and if I read some of these posts correctly, of totals that you get for a day of birding and Britain life lists, you'll see more birds in a single trip here than you might have on your entire England list.