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Warnham LNR 22nd June 08 and Nightjars Chobham Common 20th June 08

Warnham LNR 22nd June 08

A more relaxed trip this weekend to Warnham, but still in search of one year tick- Mandarin Duck!
We started the trail at around 12:45pm. From the first hide I saw the Common Terns that are nesting for yet another year and loads of Herring Gulls. The Terns were very aggressive and attacked the Gulls whenever they came near. The usual common stuff was on the feeders providing the first real photo opportunities for a while and I was very pleased with my shot of a Dunnock. My female Mandarin popper out :-) year tick 159.

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At the feeders there was a showy Nuthatch, juvenile Tits, Chaffinches and a Great Spotted Woodpecker. And at the last hide I got good views of a Great Crested Grebe (its mate was on a nest fending off Herons). A Black-headed Gull flew in and a Jay flew over.
A good day.

Nightjars Chobham Common 20th June 08

After years of letting it slip by, I finally managed to arrange a trip to see the Nightjars at Chobham Common! I didn't think I would be that successful because a friend of mine had gone there earlier in the week and only heard them, and in better weather, so I was wondering if I would even hear them let alone see them.
We arrived at around 9pm and started our walk after about 10 minutes of pointless waiting around for nothing. Within minutes I was seeing Woodcock fly over, though not roding, instead making a high pitched call. I did that silly-dance-with-tissues-and-clap-your-hands thing which I think may have worked because it was not too long before I heard a Nightjar churring! And it was not too long after that until one flew right past me- what a bird and what a great lifer! It settled nearby, though I couldn't see it, and I got to hear it churring more clearly. Meanwhile some more Woodcocks flew over and a Lapwing called. I soon heard one or two more Nightjars. The bird flew back to where it came from and I decided to take the opportunity to do the tissue and clap thing again to see if it would come any closer, but it didn't really work. It flew back again and then once again returned to its original area. A few bats were flying around and by now it was getting very dark. I walked up and down a few times and at one point I could hear a Nightjar churring literally right next to me! I couldn't see it though and when I took one more step I heard its wingbeats as it took off and the clapping of its wings! I caught a glimpse of it as it flew but didn't locate it again.
We started to make our way back slowly and heard the first bird again. As we got back in the car I heard two Tawny Owls making high ptiched noises. As I neared them, I heard them no longer and decided to go.
A very enjoyable night.

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Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Well done with all those birds! I still need to get Nightjar, Tree pipit, Woodlark and they are all near my house! Well done!