Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Hi there thought I'd briefly introduce myself as I'm a new contributor to this site. My name is Connor D. Rand and I'm a young (15 years old) birder from north Norfolk. My British List is 311 and my year list is around 140. My local patch is Holme Dunes, which, popular to contrary belief is most certainly not rubbish and past it! In the last few years my main aim has been finding my own rare and scarce birds, with European Bee-eater at Spurn Point the best, as well as Richard's Pipit (Sumburhg Head, Shetland) and Surf Scoter (co-found at Holme)... I already know several contributors to this site, such as Simeon and James from the Young Norfolk birders and Jyothi.
Recently in Norfolk it has been pretty slow, although 2 Goshawks and a Lesser-spotted Woodpecker in the Brecks were both cracking and a Rough-legged Buzzard at Burnham Norton was good. This year has produced three British ticks, the White-crowned Sparrow at Cley, Lesser Scaup in Warks and Spot Sand in Glamorgan.
Good luck to all as Spring migration (slowly)arrives, my website is

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